Celtic Horse Logging

Celtic Horse Logging, Ecological Logging, Environmentally Friendly, Low Carbon, Sustainable Timber Harvesting

Full time professional horse logging contractors practicing sustainable forestry

Horse logging contractors practicing sustainable forestry Enviromentally Friendly Low Carbon Timber Harvesting Enviromentally Friendly Low Carbon Timber Harvesting

S&K Lenihan&Sons

Environmentally Friendly Low Carbon Timber Harvesting

Prince Charles: my countryside heroes - Telegraph Article

The horse logger

Simon Lenihan:

''I grew up with horses farming in Co Limerick, Ireland, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. My wife, Katherine, used to work the horse while I did the timber-felling, but she now looks after the house and the farm in the Lake District while I – and four of my sons – do the horse logging.
“It remains the most environmentally friendly, low-carbon form of timber harvesting. Horse loggers are often asked to work in difficult areas: big machines have their place, but, usually, other big machines then have to come in and repair the damage.
“None of us has the right to destroy the forest. We recognise mechanised harvesting will be the main mover, but on sensitive sites of archaeological importance or by rivers and watercourses, horses are best.
“We have six horses, a mixture of Belgian Ardennes and North Swedish, which have been bred for forestry work. The Prince is a real champion of champions for horse-logging. He’s provided work on his estates and put on events in every corner of the country to revive the practice and keep it alive.” 

Reasons for choosing horse logging as a means of timber harvesting.

๏ Environmentally friendly.
๏ Low carbon.
๏ No soil compaction.
๏ No damage to Rivers / Lakes / Streams.
๏ Selective logging (no roadways).
๏ Sites of special scientific intrest.
๏ No damage to remaining timber crop.
๏ Steep ground / Rough ground.
๏ Taking out windblow trees.
๏ Harvesting on historical sites.















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